How to Smudge Your Home With Sage & Clear Energy With Sound

Smudging and clearing energy from spaces has become very trendy and popular, but the practice is ancient. Everything is energy and energy is everything. It can leave impressions of itself in places and must periodically be cleared. There are many reasons you might want to smudge your home or other area. Some of them include:

  • Before you move in to a new place

  • After a relationship ends

  • After an illness

  • After a death

  • After any big traumatic or negative event

  • As part of periodic energy maintenance and cleaning

The most important thing about smudging is your intention. Visualize the negative or dark energy you are evicting before you begin to smudge. Where did it come from? As you are smudging, you will visualize the energy leaving the area and the space being filled with positive vibrations and abundance.

How to smudge using sage:

  1. Meditate or otherwise get into a focused, relaxed mindset

  2. Open the windows (if you haven’t already) to let the evicted energy out

  3. Create your visualization, write your chant/prayer and prepare to begin

  4. Light the sage, letting the flame die out and smolder (like a cigarette)

  5. Using a feather fan, fetish, your hand or your breath, fan the smoke around the room

  6. Take the sage around the entire area, hitting every room. Speak your intention.

  7. Be sure to reach the corners of every room, all mirrors and windows

  8. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas and places where visitors or strangers go

  9. As you are smudging, thank your Higher Power for helping and protecting you

  10. Ask your Higher Power to continue to protect, bless, etc. the space

White sage is the most popular sage for smudging, but you can use other varieties as well. You could use mugwort, sandalwood, juniper or any other fragrant herb if you don’t have any sage. You can also burn essential oils or use a spray to smudge. Some people are sensitive to smoke and burning herbs can be pungent, so if you find that it bothers you, there are other options.

You can follow smudging by clearing the energy with sound. A bell or a tuning fork both work very well. A Tibetan singing bowl is wonderful, too. Simply follow the same routine you used when you were smudging, walking around the house ringing the bell or striking the bowl and speaking your intention to cleanse the energy and bring abundance into your home.

It’s important to keep your environment clean — physically and metaphysically. Smudging is the perfect way to maintain the energy in your space.