Soul Mates - What Are They Really?


One of the things people ask about most is soulmates. The most common questions I get are: 

  • Are soulmates real?

  • Is (or was) he/she my soulmate?

  • How do I know when I've met my soulmate?

  • Can I have more than one soulmate?

To answer the first question, soul mates are very real. We've all had that experience where we just met somebody and felt like we have known them forever. That's because we have! You see, what most people commonly refer to as "soulmates" - the opposite-gender other half of you - are actually what are called "twin flames." Soulmates can be any gender and you have many of them; they are here to teach you things, but there is only one twin flame for you. So when most people talk about their soulmate - singular - they are actually talking about their twin flame, the literal other half of the soul.

The soul is too big to be housed in one body so it splits. One half is always male and the other half is always female, because the soul is both male and female. Depending on what incarnation you are in during this journey on earth, you could be either gender and your other half will always be the opposite gender. When the two halves of the soul meet on earth, the result is unquestionable. You will never need to ask if you have met your twin flame yet. If you have to question it, you have not. But that's OK. The people you are meeting instead - your soulmates - are here to teach you things so that both halves of the soul are prepared and perfect when the twin flames finally come together and ascend to heaven as one, reunited.

That is the purpose of soulmates: to prepare the halves of the soul for the final reunion. Soulmates can be male or female and they are many. Their purpose is to teach you lessons and sort of balance karmic debt. Everyone you have a deep and strong connection with is here to teach you: your children, your parents, your best friends, your lovers and people you date, your spouse... Even people who are cruel to you are teaching you something. Try to understand what it is if you can and learn, that way you don't have to keep repeating the same awful lesson! The soul must be perfect before the reunion and the ascent - all karmic debts paid, all scales balanced - so if you do not learn a lesson the first time, it will be repeated. And repeated. And repeated, until you do learn. That might sound harsh but look at it this way: you have almost endless chances to learn and get it right.

But what happens if you do meet your twin flame before your soul is ready? This is rare but it does happen and the result is usually very negative. Catastrophic, even. It ends terribly most of the time, because if we think of the two parts of the soul like poles of a magnet that are pulled to each other, imagine that the poles are reversed. The reaction is just as strong but it is opposite. The magnets repel. This is like a rejection from yourself, or from God, and it is very, very painful.

Everyone is eternal and we have many, many chances to get it right. Your twin flame is out there and your soul mates surround you, here to help and teach you, just like you are doing for them. Every soul completes the same journey, so you are not alone. If you want to find your soulmate, the best way is to pay attention to what the universe is trying to teach you.