All Life is Sacred: The Story of Yuri Von Krash


A female opossum was killed in the road today. There was an orphan left behind, cowering in the weeds beside the road. Of course, we could not leave him to suffer a terrible fate, so we brought him home, fed him and gave him a safe place to wait until the wildlife rehab center has room for him. He hung and climbed on the bars of his cage, not knowing that they are not to keep him in, but to keep danger out. His bright eyes seemed to communicate a confusion, a helplessness that cannot be spoken but which is even yet understood.

This is Yuri. Yuri Von Krash, to be exact, and his plight helps to remind us that all life is sacred. Even the smallest life matters. You may have heard it said that God’s eye is on the sparrow. Even the tiniest of His creations does not escape His notice, His care. Why then should they escape ours?

Every day, we have the opportunity to do something for somebody, even if it is small. We could have easily walked away and left this little creature to a surely terrible fate. But it didn’t hurt us to help. Let us all become the person who does not walk away. It costs nothing to be kind. ❤